Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alive and Kicking- WELL!

I have recently been introduced to a new challenge, that I am sure will only be consistent through the remainder of my pregnancy and possibly even get worse the more I go along. Yes that's right I have been introduced to many frequent needs to pee through the night. For most of my life I figured this would be a minor detail because I thought I had good bladder control and could make myself sleep through the night no matter how badly I needed to pee, but boy was I wrong, when the need to pee hits, no more sleep for me until I get up and get to the toilet!
Doesn't this bed look so nice and comfy? That's what I have to keep trying to convince myself, but no matter how hard I try it doesn't seem to fully register to my body-thus the second delima that I now deal with, that will prob last through the end as well, is trying to get a good nights sleep without having to toss and turn trying to get comfortable, it is just the beginning of a long couple of months of good times ahead ;)

On other notes here is my first official "Prego Picture" or whatever people call them now days of which I am willing to publicly share. Just taken last night by my lovely husband. Here is me at nineteen weeks (yes that's right, nineteen weeks, that means I get to find out what the little swimmer is next week, I will be sure to have an update for it!): 
Here is a glance with and without my arms in the way, take it or leave it, which ever one suits you best. Just a little side note: if you notice the lovely black layer under my red shirt, it is actually not an undershirt, but a "Bella Band," I heard about these brilliant things and had to try one for myself. They serve as like a maternity pants strip, without the pants part. You can put it around the waist of your pant line to either hold up too big pants like a belt (which is what it is doing for me right now) or you can use it to cover up your pants being unbuttoned or unzipped because you are getting too big to do either. It is a great novel idea to help you stay into your pre-pregnancy pants longer than you might normally be able to. And it is my goal/hope that I will be able to keep it through the pregnancy for all or at least most my pants so I hopefully wont have to buy too many maternity pants, we'll see how it goes!

Oh yes and one last thing, the little guy is defiantly alive and kicking, I feel it move about once or twice every hour or so, give or take, it is a new sensation that it is not easy to get used to, but it is certainly fun to think about. It really is a great phenomena that from an insert of a little microscopic sperm entered to me by my lovely husband at the right time and right place starts the creation of a new living thing, that will eventually be a living breathing individual person mixed with some of my husbands and I personal genes and spirit of their own blessed from their Heavenly Father! It is a very unique and miraculous process-I feel blessed with the opportunity to be taking part in it, and I really hope I'll be the parent this new lovely little individual will need to make through in this life!

Till next time...