The Threshold

"Once called into the adventure, we must pass over the Threshold. The Threshold is the 'jumping off point' for the adventure. It is the interface between the known and the unknown. In the known world, we feel secure because we know the landscape and rules. Once past the threshold, however, we enter the unknown, and because it is unknown, it is a world filled with challenges and dangers." - Reg Harris

In old times the threshold was related to when the new bride and groom would cross the "threshold" into their new home, starting their journey together in a new house they most likely have not lived together in before. It was defined as the little "hump" on the floor that helps block the wind or other things out, but once you cross it, you have started off new (metaphorically speaking).

Applying this "walking over the hump" or crossing the Threshold, could be defined in simplistic terms when the woman finds out she is pregnant: going from knowing how to live not being pregnant, and then stepping into a new way of life of being pregnant with a whole range of new experiences. But in the overall journey or process of Pregnancy there could many defining moments for different woman that put them into their "unknown". For furthur details about the crossing my own "threshold," it will be posted on the main blog page.