The Atonement

This phrase or term can be heard often in the Christian world, in relating to Christ atoning for the sins of the world. Though this is an important event, in terms of the Heroic Journey we are going to look at this phrase in a different light. Reg Harris put it this way:
"After we have been transformed, we go on to achieve Atonement, that is we are "at-one" with our new self. We have incorporated the changes we made in the Journey and we are fully "reborn." In a spiritual sense, the Transformation has brought us into harmony with life and the world. The imbalance which sent us on the journey has been corrected--until the next call [of our next journey]."
This step may come about for different women during their pregnancy, but for details on how I was able to reach this point, please refere to the main page of this blog.