Into the Abyss

In any journey we embark we must step into a phase where we must face our greatest fears and hit our absolute bottom before we can go back up. With the help of Reg Harris he explains this idea better:
"When we reach the Abyss, we face our greatest challenge of the journey. The challenge is so great at this point that we mus surrender ourselves completely to the adventure and become one with it. In the Abyss we usually face our greatest fear, and we must face it alone. Here is where he must "slay the dragon," which often takes the shape of confrontation we dread, a great fear we have repressed or deep need we must resolve.
There is always the possibility that, because we are unprepared or have a flaw in our character, the challenge beats us. Or perhaps we may not be able to surrender ourselves to it and must retreat. In any case, unless we set off to try again, our life becomes a bitter shadow of what it could have been."
In terms of the heroic quest of pregnancy there could be many steps that could classify as an abyss depending on the person and what their greatest fears may be. But guessing, without actually gone there yet, the delivery might be considerd the abyss. It is something every woman must face alone and it could very well be the hardest part of the whole pregnancy. For more details about my own abyss, refere to the main page of the blog.