The Challenges

As a part of any journey or quest someone might venture on, there will always be challenges on the way. Here is a little more detailed discription in relation to the challenges in a heroic journey shared by Reg Harris:

"Once past the Threshold, we begin the journey into the unkown. The voyage can be outward into a physical unknown or inward to a psychological unknown. Whichever direction the voyage takes, our adventure puts us more and more at ris, emotionally and physically. On our quest, we face a series of challenges or temptations. The early challenges are usually relatively easy. By meeting them successfully, we build maturity, skill and confidence. As our journey progresses, the challenges often become more and more difficult, testing us to the utmost, burning away old, ineffective understandings and beliefs to make way for the new self.
Whatever the challenges we face, they always seem to strike our greatest weakness: our poorest skill, our shakiest knowledge, our most vulnerable emotions. Furthermore, the challenges always reflect needs and fears, for it is only by directly facing these weaknesses that we can acknowledge and incorporate them. If we can't do this, the adventure ends and we must turn back."

For more details about the different challenges I will encounter on my little journey, see what I have or will futurely post on the main blog page.