Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's a Girl....So we think

We had our second ultrasound this last weekend and the results are is she is doing well, healthy in all ways that can be seen. Weighs 13oz and is about 6 and half inches. And yes that's right it is a little girl! Well at least as much as the doctor could tell because she was crossing her legs, but there were no signs of boy parts, so it looked much like it could be a little girl squirming and twirling inside me.
Here is a shot of her little foot, isn't it so cute and little, like you could just tickle it ;)
Here is a shot of her little spine, looks like she has all her little vertebrates that she needs and it has a nice arch to it!

We are so glad and excited that she is doing well and progressing as normal as she should be.