Transformation and Revelation

As in any journey, after we have overcome the Abyss, we have become a new person, leading to our transfomation. Reg Harris describes it as this:
"As we conquer the Abyss and overcome our fears, our transformation becomes complete. The final step in the process is a moment of death and rebirth: a part of us dies so that a new part can be born. Fear must die to make way for courage. Ignorance must die for the birth of enlightenment. Dependency and irresponsibility must die so that independence and power can grow.
Part of the transformation process is a revelation, a sudden, dramatic change in the way we think or veiw life. This change in thinking is crucial because it makes us truly a different person. (Revelation usually occurs during or after the Abyss, but sometimes it may actually lead us into the Abyss.)"
For every woman the transformation and revelation will occur at different times and mean different things to each person. To see what and how I recieved my transformation and revelation refere to the main page of this blog.