Helpers, Mentors, and Tempters

As anyone embarks on a journey it is very important to have help along the way, here Reg Harris defines the roles of helpers, mentors, and sometimes tempters that embark in a journey. It is also important to note that not all journeys encounter tempters, but there is always the possibility.

"Often at the threshold, we encounter people, beings, or situations which block our passage. These 'threshold guardians' have two functions. They protect us by keeping us from taking journeys for which we are unready or unprepared. However, once we are ready to meet the challenge, the guardians step aside and point the way, often becoming a helper or mentor in our quest. More importantly, to pass the guardian is to make a commitment, to say: 'I'm ready, I can do this.'

Also at the threshold (and very often later in the journey), we will encounter a helper (or helpers). Helpers provide assistance or direction. Often they bring us a divine gift, which will help through the ordeal ahead.

The most important of these helpers is the mentor or guide. The mentor keeps us focused on our goal and gives us stability, a psychological foundation for when the danger is greatest.

Helpers and guides may appear throughout the journey. Fortunately, they tend to appear at the most opportune or coincidental moments.

We need to understand, too, that the journey is ours. Our mentor and helpers can assist and point the way, but they cannot take the journey for us. The challenge is ours, must be ours if we are to benefit from it and grow. If we allow our companions to help us too much, the growth value of the challenge is lost.
One of our greatest tests on the journey is to differentiate real helpers from "tempters." Tempters try to pull us away from our path. They use fear, doubt or distraction. They may pretend to be a friend or counselor in an effort to divert our energy to their own needs, uses or beliefs. Their temptations may take the form of rationalizations and excueses or the form of escapes, such as drug or alcohol. It is when we face these temptations that we must rely on our sense of purpose and judgement and the advice or our mentor to help keep us on our quest."

For more details about who my helpers, mentors, and possible tempters might be and how I encountered them in my journey refere to the main blog page.