The Return

After any sort of journey, when the deed is done we then able to return home, with a completed task, and a new person.
Reg Harris put it this way:
"After Transformatino and Atonment, we face the final stage of our journey: our Return to everyday life. Upon our return, we discover our gift, which is the result of our new level of skill and awareness. We May become richer or stronger, we may become a great leader, or we may become elightened spiritually.
The essence of the return is to begin contributing to our society. In mythology, some heroes return to save or renew their community in some way. Other mythological heroes return to create a city, nation, or religion.
Sometimes, however, things don't go smoothly. For example, we may return with a great spiritual message, but find that our message is rejected. We are ostracized or even killed for our ideals. We also run the risk of losing our new understanding, having it corrupted by allowing ourselves to slide back in the same situation or environment we left.
In some cases, the hero discovers that her new level of awareness and understanding is far greater than the people around her can grasp or accept. She may then become disilluisioned or frustrated and leave society to be on her own. On the other hand, many great heroes such as Buddha and Jesus have sacrificed the bliss of enlightenment or heaven to remain in the world and teach others."
It will be different for every woman the things she may encounter as she "Returns" to her new life having gone through her journey. For greater detail of how I faced my "Return," refere to the main page of this blog.