Basic Outline of the Eight-Step Quest

Most Heroic Journeys encounter this basic outline of events that make the journey a whole and complete process. For greater detail and discription on each step you can refer to them on the side bar of this blog under "The Eight-Step Transformation."
Each journey starts with a Separation from the known world to the Uknown, within this separation we have our first two steps:
1. The Call
2. The Threshold (where we meet our guardians, helpers, and mentor)
After these steps we begin our phase of Initiation and Transformation, this phase includes the following steps:
3. The Challenges
4. The Abyss
5. The Transformation
6. The Revelation
7. The Atonement
When the Atonement is complete we can then enter the final phase back into the "known"
8. The Return

In order to truely encounter a heroic transformation we must complete all these phases successfully. It is these phases that will help us to grow the most and to become a better person, to become a better hero in our hearts, prepared to take on new and other challenges life will bring us.